Barnery Magnetic Bridle Holder


Convenient and safe. Customizable nameplate. A perfect solution for all horse owners.

Product Description

Attach the bridle holder to any magnetic surface. Always ready when you need a place to hang your bridle or halter. Best of all: no drilling or screwing necessary.

  • Safety: This bridle holder is horse-friendly thanks to its rounded design. It minimizes the risk of injury on sharp edges or pointed hooks from conventional brackets.
  • Use and attachment: The magnetic bridle holder can be used on the move. Due to the strong magnet, the holder sticks to all magnetic surfaces without drilling or screwing.
  • Durable and sustainable: The magnetic bridle holder is made of bio-plastic (PLA), which is produced without petroleum and is biodegradable. Due to its nature, the bridle holder is robust, durable and hard-wearing.
  • Design: Your mobile bridle holder can be personalized on request.


Precautions: Please take note of the following safety notes before using the Barnery to prevent injury or damage to property.

  • SAFETY: Never bring the Barnery near a person with a pacemaker or other electronic medical equipment as this could interfere with its operation and cause a life-threatening risk.
  • ATTACHMENT: Due to the strength of the magnet, precautions should be taken. Keep out of reach of pets and children. The Barnery has a strong magnet intended for firm contact. Attach and remove the Barnery gently to surfaces to prevent scratching or damage.
    • To remove the Barnery, tilt it downwards to remove it easily. Never drag or scrape it along a surface.
  • TRANSPORT: Use the cloth bag and reusable ferromagnetic metal strap for transport. The magnetic force of the strong magnet is weakened to prevent unwanted collisions and unintentional damage. The metal strip is not intended for attachment and is only used for safe transport.
    • Never place a magnet near recording media, ATM card or any other items with magnetic strips or parts.
  • USAGE: Avoid exposing the Barnery to prolonged periods of excessive heat above 50 °C or direct sunlight.

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