EQUIscan® Horseback Measurement


Comprehensive horseback measurement and saddle-fit assessment. Read more info in description below.

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Product Description

This is a professionally trained service from Germany. The EQUIscan® Topographer accurately measures the dimensions of the horse’s back. Results are objective, independent and neutral.


  • Identifies poorly fitted saddle and root cause of back pain and discomfort
  • Results are recorded and stored on the EQUIscan® platform
  • Saddle fitting data, photographs and detailed information about the horse and rider are also recorded
  • Receive a full report and virtual 3D model of your horse’s back
  • Subsequent scans allow you to monitor change over time, such as, muscle gain/loss, injury or improvement
  • This is also an excellent service to assist with the purchase of a second-hand saddle for your horse


Contact us to schedule your EQUIscan® appointment. We will visit your horse and request that the rider is present  with their saddle.

Learn more on our EQUIscan® website page here

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