Freedom Bridle II with Slide&Lock


Improved comfort and reduced pressure with our anatomical Freedom Bridle

Available in colors Black, Ebony and Tobacco. Sizes Pony, Cob and Full

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Product Description

With a completely revised design, setting new standards in horse-friendliness and comfort.

Freedom of movement of the ears:
The eyes and ears are the most important means of communication for horses. Neither the browband nor the headpiece of the Freedom snaffle bridle put pressure on any of the 16 muscles of the horse’s ears. Since no pressure is exerted on nerves and veins, the Freedom snaffle bridle allows full freedom of movement of the ears.


Joy of movement:
The special positioning of the headpiece and throat latch avoids the sensitive areas of the poll and throat. Stress factors often caused by conventional snaffle bridles are avoided.


Completely revised snaffle bridle:
The Freedom snaffle bridle has been completely redesigned together with an equine dentist in order to make it even more comfortable for horses whilst improving the fit:


– the headpiece has been slimmed down and positioned further back in order to spare the ears and poll
– the field of vision towards the back is improved
– additional, soft padding in the area of the cut-away for the ears increases comfort
– revision of the arched cheek pieces for an unbroken axis to the bit
– the headpiece fits correctly behind the ears in all sizes
– soft chin pad with anatomical shape and adapted dimensions for each size
– wide noseband with soft padding for more comfort and a more elegant appearance
– pressure avoidance by recessing the noseband padding in the area of the molars
– one single, shared cheek piece for noseband and bit optimizes the fit of the snaffle and streamlines the appearance
– the revised Freedom snaffle bridle is equipped with the new Slide&Lock fastening

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