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Where tradition meets Modernity

High-quality materials that promotes high-quality sports performance. We are convinced that the well-being of the horse AND the rider is the basic prerequisite for this idealogy.

Award-Winning & Unique to Stübben

Stübben is continuously hard at work, innovating and creating new technology designed for the comfort and benefit of the equine athlete. With an ever growing selection of new and patented products, Stübben remains the industry leader.

Stubben Equi-Compress Compression boots for horses

EQUI Compress

EQUI Compress stimulates the vascular system and accelerates metabolism with the help of optimal pressure and efficient compression, starting from the horse’s hoof.

softaa saddle girth

Equi-Soft® Girths

Your horse will love it. Perfect and even girth pressure distribution for improved comfort and performance. The special design allows the horse to easily expand its chest.

Freeflex hybrid tendon boots

Hybrid Tendon Boots

Anatomically shaped hybrid leg protection was developed to enclose the tendon and fetlock joint. The flexible hard shell provides protection without restricting the natural movement of the horse.

streamline dressage pad

Streamline Saddle Pads

The saddle pad remains chambered and does not press on the withers or lumbar area of the horse. The sensitive area around the spine is thus protected.

rubber reins all weather grip with slide

Slide & Lock

Durable, easy to use, and a classy timeless design. Available in new model bridles and reins, the sleek and minimalist design makes changing the bit and reins as easy as it gets.

golden wings snaffle bit double broken


Stübben STEELtec offers extensive experience in bits. High quality materials and with state-of-the-art production techniques provide safe and durable products for excellent performance.

Equi-Soft® Saddle & Stud girths

Design and innovation for the wellbeing of the horse. The Equi-Soft® girth allows the horse more freedom of movement and improved breathing ability.

The EQUIscan® Topographer Pro captures the three-dimensional profile of a horses back using 98 points, recording the exact angles of each point.

The locked topographer is then placed on the underside of the saddle to immediately and definitively assess the fit.

unbeschwertes ausdehnen des brustkorbes

The elastic rings allow your horse to breathe better. They expand and contract with the horse´s rib cage and maintain an even and comfortable tension.

Stubben Equi-Soft Girth

The Equi-Soft® girth has a flexible ergonomic shape. This special design provides freedom of movement for your horse and significantly reduces girthiness.

Stubben Equi-Soft Girth

The elastic rings of the Equi-Soft® give the horse freedom of movement, lower the girth pressure and thus reduce the stress level of the horse.

Stubben Equi-Soft Girth

A comparative study of different girths certifies: All horses, without exception, had a lower heart rate with the Equi-Soft® girth.

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Streamline Saddle Pads

The anatomically shaped Streamline saddle pads are specially designed to improve comfort for your horse.

The unique system of saddle pad and saddle component ensures the saddle pad remains reliably chambered while riding and does not pull on the withers or in the lumbar area of the horse. 

The sensitive area around the spine is thus protected.

Hybrid  tendon boots

The latest Innovation in the Stübben & Evolution family.

Designed to anatomically contour the tendon and fetlock for superior comfort and performance.

Due to the nature of traditional “hard shell” boots, they limit the natural range of movement of the horse. The Hybrid Tendon Boots range has been developed to be the natural Evolution of these products and the ultimate Hybrid combining the best possible protection without restriction.

Allows natural range of movement without interference.

Raised strike zones provide excellent impact protection.

Ventilation throughout the boot for heat transference.

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