Tech Stirrups Made in Italy
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Why choose Tech Stirrups?

Handcrafted in Italy.

Developed with the goal of honoring equestrian sports by offering the best stirrups on the market

Tech Stirrups Safety

Safety First Design

Engineered with advanced safety features, including a patented quick-release mechanism that releases the foot during a fall.

Optimized Performance

Stirrups designed for superior grip, stability, and shock absorption, helping you maintain balance and reduce fatigue.

Tech Stirrups

Sleek, Modern Aesthetics

Functional and beautifully crafted. Tech Stirrups boast an elegant design and range of colors that complements any riding gear.

Tech Stirrups Grip

Premium Materials

Each pair of Tech Stirrups is made from high-grade material that promise durability and long-lasting use.

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A Fusion of Elegance and Performance

Tech Stirrups
Tech Stirrups
Tech Stirrups
Tech Stirrups Safety Stirrups Venice Dressage Sloped Detail

Venice Safety Stirrups

Each model has been designed with it’s own technical functional features, to allow every athlete to choose the most suitable stirrups for their discipline and needs.

Handcrafted in Breschia, Northern Italy to ensure maximum quality control

Tech Stirrups VENICE children PLUS
Tech Stirrups VENICE Sloped Medium
Tech Stirrups Venice Dressage Sloped<br />
Tech Stirrups VENICE Jumping & CC PLUS
Tech Stirrups Venice Sloped Evo<br />

Matching Accessories

Don’t forget to ask about the range of matching spurs.

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Innova Olympia
Innova olympia

Innova’s mission is to preserve nature while offering safety and the best riding experience in every situation.

Innova Riding’s concept of sustainability is about making sure that what we create today, will have no negative consequences on present and future generations’ possibility to live harmoniously on this planet.

What Tech Stirrups does for you

Each product has been designed with its own technical and functional features, to allow every athlete to choose the most suitable stirrups for their discipline and needs.

Tech Stirrups are engineered in compliance with the equipment regulations of major international equestrian competitions. To ensure maximum quality control of our handcrafted production process, Tech Stirrups have kept the entire production inside our facilities in Brescia, northern Italy.

Moreover, having at heart the environmental impact, Tech Stirrups are completely produced in metal, non-polluting and recyclable material.