Multi-award winning & patented system for specialized saddle fitting and measurements

EQUIscan Topographer Pro

EQUIscan® Topographer PRO

The EQUIscan® Topographer accurately measures the dimensions of the horse’s back. Results are recorded and stored on the EQUIscan® platform. Saddle fitting data, photographs and detailed information about the horse and rider are also recorded.

Results are objective, independent and neutral

The comprehensive process includes a questionnaire about both horse and rider, ensuring all relevant saddle fitting information is gathered and recorded

The report generated by the platform is presented to the client in a clear and easy to understand manner, along with a virtual three-dimensional model of the horse’s back, and an assessment of the saddle in relation to fit for horse and rider

How does it work?

The EQUIscan® Topographer Pro captures the three-dimensional profile of a horses back using 98 points, recording the exact angles of each point.

The locked topographer is then placed on the underside of the saddle for an immediately and definitive assessment.

Immediate and accurate assessment of your current saddle or new saddle before purchasing

Create a 3-dimensional model of your horse’s back

Specialized saddle manufacturers use the data to develop a bespoke saddle tailored for you and your horse

Topographer can be reproduced anywhere, at any time, for remote saddle assessment

Topographer Pro
Topographer Pro
EQUIscan Virtual 3D Model
EQUIscan Virtual 3D Model Heatmap

Monitor change over time

Measurements are recorded and archived for future reference, allowing you to monitor your horse’s back and it’s development and changes over time due to work, condition, or age. This information can be used to identify any potential problems early on and make adjustments to your horse’s work routine or general management as needed.


After subsequent measurements, a 3-dimensional comparison can be created to show any changes

Any asymmetries or imbalances in the horse’s back will be clearly visible in the 3-dimensional model

Information gathered can be included into your work and care routine for targeted training and nutrition

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EQUIscan Virtual 3D Model

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