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The ultimate goal of saddle fitting is to ensure the saddle is the correct fit for the horse and rider. Balancing the saddle on the horse’s back to evenly distribute the rider’s weight for freedom of movement for the horse, and for the rider to sit in an effortlessly balanced seat.

First Step

Contact us to schedule your custom fitting and to get the process started.

The more information we have from the start the better prepared we’ll be to cater to your individual needs. From this initial consultation, your fitter will select an assortment of saddles for you to try.

Some of the questions your fitter will ask:

  1. What type of saddle are you looking to purchase, jumping, dressage etc.
  2. What kind of model are you currently riding in?
  3. Your general anatomy, height, weight. (We have numerous seat options and flap sizes)
  4. Discuss the anatomy of your horse, breed, age, size, conditioning, health.
  5. Any other relevant questions that your fitter will ask in preparation for the your fitting.


We recommend EQUIscan horseback topography as part of the process to accurately help us determine the fit of the saddle, and also when making flocking adjustments. This also allows you to track changes in the horse’s back over time. This especially useful for competition horses, young horses, and horses undergoing intensive training.


Saddle Fitting feauture video

The Fitting

Identifying the saddle that brings the rider and horse in balance sets the precedent to discuss the fitting process. We have an assortment of saddles, with different variations, that will be used as a guide during the fitting process. Our agenda is not to persuade you into purchasing a saddle from our samples, but to find the right saddle for you and your horse.

Your saddle fitter will now schedule an appointment to visit your barn with an assortment of saddles chosen from the initial consultation. Make sure horse and rider are prepared and ready. A fitting without the rider being in the saddle is not beneficial from our point of view. Only during movement can we effectively evaluate correct saddle fit as the horse changes during movement.

Before you step into the saddle we will take a closer look at your horse. First we will access your horse for soreness. Should we notice any soreness your fitter will advise you immediately and determine how we should proceed. 


During the test ride your saddle fitter will conduct an analysis of the following:

  • Is there sufficient wither clearance.
  • Is there even distribution across the tree points.
  • Is the weight distribution even on the panels?
  • Relationship of girth groove to saddle position


You should focus on seat comfort during the test ride and ask yourself the following:


  • Is my leg position correct?
  • Do I feel secure?
  • Do I like the depth of the seat?
  • Do I want to try the Biomex? (Recommended if you have back issues)

 At this point you and your saddle fitter have identified what saddle is right for you. Congratulations, your test ride is complete! Now it is up to you to design your saddle. With Stubben Custom there is no limit to your creativity. After down payment is received, your saddle will be scheduled for production. You will be informed about current delivery times before placing your order.

The first follow up visit will be scheduled after about 20 hours of ride time as the wool panels will settle and conform to the horses back, and the leather softens, etc. Your fitter will ensure that your saddle is still in balance, which often includes flocking adjustments. The initial fitting and first follow up including all necessary adjustments is included in the purchase price of the saddle.

In general it is also important to continue assesing the fit of your saddle. Your saddle fitter is happy to explain to you what you should look for.

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