REV Saddle including one pair of flaps

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REV Saddle – The new saddle REVolution from makers, Stübben, in collaboration with the award-winning innovator, Martin Ryan offers ultimate comfort for both horse and rider.

One saddle, 3 flap options – dressage, jumping, trekking.

Through a unique modular system the saddle supports interchangeable flaps and an unbeatable fit across a wide range of wither profiles, all with just one saddle.

Available in 4 colors, customizable in Stübben Styles.

Product Description


Unique modularity – maximum comfort

Whether longer trekking rides, jumping or dressage, with this saddle the various equestrian disciplines can be combined in just one model. The saddle flaps can be easily exchanged in just a few steps by means of a special push-button mechanism.
The innovative saddle tree provides maximum comfort for horse and rider. The rider’s seat is separated from the horse’s back by the shape of a lying U, thus enabling a cushioning effect, absorbing the impact between horse and rider.
Despite the two levels, the rider comes close to the horse and allows the usual aids to be given.
Two different positioning options for the stirrup leathers allow the perfect leg position in the different disciplines. The dressage flap has a narrow cut and a large knee block in front. The jumping flap has a wider cut and, in addition to a front knee block and a small thigh block, it offers the option of a Velcro block extension for further reinforcement. The trekking flap is cut wide and offers freedom of movement. At the same time, the large knee block guarantees the necessary grip for different terrains over long distances.

Unbeatable fit and pressure distribution:

The patented and award-winning saddle tree was developed by Martin Ryan to distribute the forces during riding as evenly as possible over a larger full saddle area on the horse’s back. In contrast to classic saddle trees, the REV has a continuous load-bearing surface on the horse’s back from front to back and is therefore suitable for many different horse backs. The flexible panels at the back of the saddle tree allow maximum freedom of movement.
The shock-absorbing spring effect reduces jerky and possibly uncontrolled movements to protect the horse’s back in the long term.
As soon as the rider sits down in the saddle, the saddle chamber opens minimally and relieves the horse in the front area so that the horse’s shoulder can rotate freely.
In exceptional cases, the saddle tree can be adapted to a very high withers or a very wide horse’s back simply by screwing on chamber width wedges for a better fit.

The Look:

The REV saddle by Martin Ryan breaks the classic style of conventional saddles with its futuristic and sporty design. With its new construction and innovative material processing, the REV stands out from conventional saddles and thus attracts a lot of attention. The saddle tree made of an advanced thermoplastic composite only gives the saddle a special look, but also an extremely low weight.

Who is the saddle suitable for:

The REV saddle is an absolute must-have for riders who are looking for variety and do not want to commit to a specific discipline. Thanks to its innovative saddle tree, the REV is particularly suitable for sensitive horse backs that have a special demand for even pressure distribution and load application while riding. This makes the REV the ideal choice for riders who want to enjoy even longer, more comfortable and more varied rides with their horse. The REV is also made for ambitious professional equestrian athletes who want to increase the performance of their horse in the long term by providing more shoulder freedom, relief in the back and optimal pressure distribution.

Technical data:

– Three different saddle flaps available (dressage, jumping and trekking).
– Adjustable to Wide, Regular and Narrow chamber-wide by means of wedges
– Available in 17.5″ seat size
– Wool panels
– Three-point V girthing
– Double stirrup bar option for dressage or jumping
– Adjustable spring action
– Weight REV saddle without saddle flaps 4,6 kg
+ 1.6 kg jumping saddle flap pair (incl. Velcro blocks)
+ 1.3 kg dressage saddle flap pair
+ 1.4 kg trekking saddle flap pair

Options at extra charge:

– All Stübben Styles or Stübben Custom optionally available.

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